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PAST EVENT Crypto Conversation

For me, a new economy is first of all about freedom and being in your own power and integrity. All other questions, like “how to create a passive income” or “how to make money” come second now, or sometimes, not even at all! 

What crypto concerns, I have been working with it for many years; going through different cycles and relationships with it. As I internally changed, so did my perspective on crypto as well.

Finding your place in a digital world that is more and more taken over by big players, which means there is speculation and manipulation. It is about staying true to yourself, breaking out of the old financial system and way of thinking, let go of the worrying about money at all.

Crypto has a beautiful side, it offers the possibility to break out of current structures, bundle forces and to invest in new projects that are good for humanity and nature. 

I will show how you can start with decentralised (unregulated) crypto, specifically the Nimiq coin.

All donations go to projects contributing to a new economy. You can also donate with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Nimiq.

You will receive the link to the video in your confirmation email. The conversation took place on February 24, 2022.


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