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PAST EVENT: Collaborating in your local community

In the near future, collaborations will be very important to make sure everybody’s basic needs are covered. We are no longer used to connect and collaborate in a practical way. But what if we have to? What if our lives even depend on it?

We choose to connect with our local community and contribute in a way that is needed. Not by forcing ourselves, but by letting it naturally develop through the relationships we build and by investigating the specific needs of the community itself.

Speaking about community and knowing the importance to collaborate is one thing,… but if we don’t move on to the practical part, nothing changes. We have to take immediate action in the way that suits us best. Often this means changing how we think, what we are used to, changing our habits, doing more with less money and choosing a different way of spending our time.


Evi spoke about:

  • her experiences in our local community,
  • her personal journey, the transition from a more personal focus to a more communal one,
  • and the practical action that comes with this.

You will be able to ask questions, come up with ideas, connect, share freely and support each other.

This event took place on January 10 2024. By signing up, you will be sent the replay link at the top of your receipt.

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