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Help us to build a 40m2 straw bale house!

Everyone being able to live free without monthly high expenses? Buildings that are made from natural materials? For sure we feel like contributing to this aspect of the economy as well! We gathered information, spent a few weekends helping out other projects and are ready now to build a 40m2 straw bale storage place.

It will be build in such a way that it can easily be transformed in a tiny house afterwards.

This is the biggest, most expensive and most challenging project we have been up to. As you all know, we live from donations and websites Matthias creates on donation base. So we need help being able to make this project happen! We calculated that we need around 10.000€ on materials to complete the construction. Especially the wood for the framework and roof is the most expensive (4400€). We could go for a building without wooden structure, but with our climate (cold and snow in the winters), a nebraska structure possibly would be damaged over time, which we want to avoid.

With your donation and our time and man power we will:

  • build a straw bale building that will serve as a seed bank for our community, a place to grow seedlings, a small shop to exchange/sell/gift local produce from the gardens, and a storage for all the garden equipment.
  • film every step of the proces as an inspiration for others
  • with our improved skills we will be able to advice/help out others in our local environment that want to build more natural as well.

So many positive aspects.

Thank you so much for making this happen! For sure, we keep you informed!

Evi & Matthias


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