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PAST EVENT A new economy without money?

Can you imagine a life where you are not thinking about money every second of the day? A life where money becomes a side product, a tool to do good for your local community? A life where money has its place, but connections with people and (creative) projects you would like to be involved in, are the most important?

With the current inflations, rising prices and many other things happening in our society, it is worth asking ourselves if we still want to be part of this system or choose something different. It is possible, even likely, that in the future many things will be not affordable or available any more. That money will be worth much less due to hyperinflation and we will have to be creative to even provide in our basic needs.

Although this might sound scary, we do have a solution for this; a life where human interactions come back to the foreground. We break free from an abusive system and start to make different decisions. We start to become more independent and realise that many things we thought were ‘normal’ actually aren’t. Or the things we needed are actually not needed at all and sometimes even part of what we don’t want any more.

During this event, Evi has shared:

  • How we started to live in a way we are less controlled by money and less rely on it,
  • what we do by exchange,
  • what appreciation is for us,
  • how our lives changed by making different decisions about money,
  • how we feel more free and empowered
  • and how simplicity became richer.

It has been a journey of many challenges and obstacles, huge learning curves and letting go many things we took for granted.

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